Shop Pet 24

This time we would like to introduce the pet shop. We helped them with setup of a completely new space in the Akropolis Mall in Vilnius, where the requirements for setup are very strict, and we did that in just 4 weeks. As usual, we did much of the work during the night, when the trade is over and the time for construction work is perfect. Our team carried out the formation of the spaces, connected the staff room to water supply and sewerage lines, and provided the exterior and interior finishing of the store. In line with the separate structural design submitted by the customer, we have redesigned and reinforced the structures supporting the exterior

Work carried out:

– formation of spaces;
– installation of water supply and wastewater removal lines;
– exterior and interior finish;
– reinforcement of structures.

Area of the commercial space:

109,46 m2

Purpose of the area:


Year and place of work:

2021, Vilnius

Period of the work:

4 weeks

Partners that contributed to the implementation of the project: