Royal SPA Residence

We completely renovated 57 separate rooms and 2 conference rooms. Seeking not to disturb the guests, we worked on one floor at a time – once we completed one floor, we moved to another.

Minimized sound, proper neatness and deadline adherence were more important than ever. Rooms to be renovated already had reservations after the scheduled completion of our work, so we prepared the rooms as agreed.

We are grateful to the friendly and attentive staff of Royal SPA Residence Birštonas for their constructive work.

Work carried out:

– room demolition work;
– formation of spaces;
– electrical and plumbing work;
– full interior decoration.

Area of the commercial space:

2000 m2 of floor laid by us;
600 m2 of shower tiles glued by us;
6000 m2 of walls painted by us;

Purpose of the area:


Year and place of work:

2020, Birštonas

Period of the work:

6,5 months

Partners that contributed to the implementation of the project: