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Setting up hotels and offices involves the preparation and equipment of large commercial spaces by carrying out large-scale construction, engineering and interior works.

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When is such a service necessary?

We have the necessary experience and knowledge and are ready to help you set up both large hotels and small offices. We think of all the specific details of hotel or office setup, we help to prepare the project in such a way that it meets all the requirements, and we fulfill the various technical aspects of the project. The work we carry out ranges from rebuilding of walls through installation of various systems to selection of interior. We do everything consistently, carefully and responsibly, but also quickly and efficiently.

Why Consaliter?

Hotel and office setup work is usually carried out in commercial spaces that have very strict rules in place. We organize and carry out the work under extraordinary conditions. Our team performs all the work while adapting to peculiarities of the location and working hours of the commercial spaces, and in compliance with local regulations. Observance of the rules and activities at surrounding spaces do not affect the speed of the work carried out by our team. If necessary, we do work on weekends and at nights, because usually the setup of commercial spaces is subjected to extremely short deadlines.

The most common setup mistakes?

Hotels or office spaces set up in large buildings often suffer from poorly chosen lighting. Poorly estimated quantity of light sources or poorly selected parameters of lights may make hotel corridors and rooms gloomy and depressive. Colorless and poorly lit corridors can make an impression of insecurity and inconvenience on guests staying. And if another stay in the area is ever required, most would probably not choose such a hotel again. In case of offices, poorly chosen lighting or wrongly placed lights may not meet lighting requirements and may cause dark areas in work places. Insufficient lighting of the work place may cause discomfort to employees, which may negatively affect the quality of the work, and non-compliance with standards may entail additional costs when the need to redesigning all the indoor lighting arises.



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Why do customers choose Consaliter?


We carry out all kinds of complex setup work:
– We analyse the project and advise on practical implementation;
– We implement engineering projects (water supply and wastewater removal, electricity and lighting, ventilation and air conditioning, audio, video and security, fire safety system installation).
– All general construction and finishing works, full implementation of interior design.


We believe that the smallest details make the best projects different from the good ones, so it is very important not only to understand the concept of the project well, but also to implement it in the actual space in a coordinated way.

Our team shares a common goal – to ensure the smooth execution of the client’s project. Therefore, when setting up commercial spaces we follow the principle of minimum worries for the client during the period of space setup and even less worries afterwards.

Professionals in different fields

Professional workers of various fields perform specific tasks.

We are in constant contact with architects and constructors as we work, therefore, using our many years of experience, we implement a project while keeping the interior design solutions presented in the project as much as possible.

Completion on time

We have achieved a high degree of work compatibility and communication between the individual participants in the construction process, therefore each stage of the work is under strict control.

By implementing the project as scheduled, we avoid delays and can guarantee this to the client.


We adapt to the working hours and location of commercial spaces and, if necessary, we carry out work not only at night, but also on weekends.

We apply such work flexibility so that all the work is completed on time and the space is operational on the scheduled due date.


We are committed to being partners of our clients, suppliers and other stakeholders and to perform all the work on time from the beginning to the end of the projects, as a result the quality of the work performed by us is trusted by Lithuanian trade and service industry leaders as well as foreign partners.

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