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What is important to know about set-up of space?

First of all, it is home for your business, where your customers, employees and partners will meet. This is a space where all the actual business will be done daily.
Convenience, functionality and representation potential of the space will be the factors that will have a significant impact on success of your business.

What are the potential biggest challenges?

Each project requires unique structural and design solutions, implementation of which is limited in time.
To setup spaces in the Old Town, in a business or shopping centre near spaces in active use, to coordinate the work of different professionals, to resolve ad hoc issues and strictly follow the work schedule, to fill in the documentation and to ensure neat work is the daily routine of complex space setup projects.

How to successfully implement projects?

Our greatest asset is our professionals. The team of professionals is able to achieve quality in even the most difficult jobs.
We carry out the work strictly according to the predetermined schedule, therefore we manage to avoid delays in the work – we can guarantee this to our clients.

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Setup of Commercial Spaces


It’s not just a wide lobby with lots of tables!

It is a complex kitchen area and sanitary facilities as well as the complete integration of the premises with perfectly installed engineering systems and exclusive interiors.


Whether the customer will stay in your store after entering and how much time he will spend there depends not only on the products on the shelves.

Installation of ventilation and arrangement of interior details, counter and storage area as well as creation of an overall feel – everything becomes important when you fight for each client.

Hotels & Offices

Setting up large commercial spaces, such as in hotels or offices, often requires significant modification, structural changes, demolition of old walls and erection of new ones.

In many cases, as this takes place the building remains in use, so it is quite a challenge to carry out interior setup work without interfering with the activities taking place around.


Setting up spaces for healthcare purposes also has some specific aspects.

From the common areas to the treatment rooms with advanced treatment equipment present, important is not only the setup of interior decoration, but also the combining of all engineering systems into a functional whole.

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Restaurant 9 Dragons

Located in the Vilnius Outlet mall

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How is the work done?

1 We assess the complexity of the project

Before undertaking a project, it is important to evaluate the circumstances that may affect the implementation of the project – the location of the object, the current state of the spaces, the possibilities for supply of materials, the deadlines for the completion of the work, etc.

2 We calculate the estimate

After evaluating the project, the necessary work and other tasks defined by the client, we can calculate the estimate of the works with maximum accuracy.

3 We sign the agreement

We strictly adhere to the contractual deadlines and budgets.

4 We perform the work

We carry out the work after careful planning and we control the progress. We pay great attention to the alignment of all the work, because the work in different fields must be carried out by different specialists within a relatively short time.


How long does it take to set up a restaurant?

The time to set up a restaurant depends on the project extent, location, work scope and specific requirements. Reconstruction of an old cafe or setup of a small shop may be complete in less than a month, while large restaurant projects may take more than a month.

What does the price depend on?

The price of setting up a commercial space depends on the scope of the project and on the task given.

The project implementation cost is assessed in advance, after analysing the project, the expected scope of work, deadlines and actual possibilities to set everything up.

What contribution is required from the customer?

When starting a new project, we always ask to allow us to analyze the project and the client’s needs in more detail, so that fewer questions arise during the implementation.

In the course of the setup work, we take care not only of the implementation of the project, but also of the completion of the documentation as needed, so that the restaurant or other commercial space is ready for assessment and can be opened at the scheduled time.

How long does it take to set up a restaurant?

We provide a full set-up of restaurant, cafe, shop, office, hotel, clinic or other commercial spaces.

Our team consists of professional workers of all required fields, therefore, with careful planning of all the work we set an object up within the agreed period and we can guarantee this.

Why Consaliter?


Professionals of various fields give advice on various aspects related to the implementation of the project. Moreover, as we progress the work we continuously communicate with architects and construction professionals and we base our decisions on calculations and long-term experience of specialists.


We adapt to the working hours and location of commercial spaces and, if necessary, we carry out work not only at night, but also on weekends. We apply such work flexibility so that all the work is completed on time and the space is operational on the scheduled due date.


We are committed to being partners for our clients, suppliers and members of the society, to carrying out all the work on time from the beginning to the end of the project, as a result the quality of our work is trusted by Lithuanian trade and service industry leaders as well as foreign partners.

Let’s talk about the projects

It is hard to imagine what the spaces look like while being set-up. When you see them stripped of all the previous installations and when you can later compare that to the fully set-up spaces, it is still hard to believe for yourself how things can change.
We will discuss our work in the Talutti – TEX MEX restaurant with the restaurant manager Edvinas Radvilas and our manager Jevegnij Pudriakov.

We would like to share the story of setting up the restaurant 12 in the business center Quadrum.
✔️ To replace the two former restaurants, we had to set up one spacious, cozy and comfortable self-service restaurant rather quickly.
✔️ The restaurant is integrated into the common area of the business center, so we had to work on two fronts – in the separated room during normal working hours and in the common area when the business center was after hours.


UAB ConsAliter started its activity in 2012. Throughout the years of its successful existence, it managed to build a team of competent specialists of various fields and today it consists of 40 professionals. The common goal of the company and the entire team is to ensure the smooth implementation of a client’s project. Throughout the project, we are guided by the principle of “Less hassle for the client during the construction and even less afterwards”. The main area of activity of the company is comprehensive setup of shops, restaurants and administrative spaces as well as residential family houses, with regard to both exterior and interior. Our team of specialists ensures quality in all their interior decoration and other work leading to successful cooperation with the clients.